Jamine Fu ( VALEJJO CA)

The housing market is changing rapidly and I didn’t realize that one should schedule staging very early. I needed a staging company within five days to complete the task so that I could do an open house for a large house near the Bay Area over the weekend. All the companies I know were all fully booked for 3 for four weeks ahead. I was desperate. Therefore I turn to Google search for help. I found Wanderley Staging. So I tried my luck calling him on the weekend of July 4. I was planning to leave voice message. It blew my mind away that Wanderley picked up my phone right away and immediately scheduled to see the house on July 4, a day most people do not work. From his work ethic, immediately I had a good feeling about him and I knew that I had hope. He showed up on time, spent time looking at the large house. And the rest is history. As all the raving reviews say: Wanderley is extremely hard working. He has amazing eyes for what the house needs. He has a great taste and he is a perfectionist. He worked like lightning and was so efficient. He pulled everything together within 3 days. A 2400 square feet house with 4 bedrooms, 2 large living rooms, 3 bathrooms. It is a huge production and he was able to pull it so well together that everyone was amazed. He also gave me advice on improving the look of the house by making small changes on windows, lamps and lights throughout the house. My advice is just listen to him and completely trust his taste. You will benefit from his expertise. I am so grateful to Wanderley, who rescued me from trouble.